We are currently trialing a Bundle feature on our website currently featuring E-Liquid. Each offer has it own set of ranges so feel free to browse and look around.

Here you will find a guide on how it works so you can save that little bit extra on your orders! 


The first step is heading over to the Bundle section of the navigation menu and selecting which bundle offer you wish to purchase.



Second is browsing through the offers and selecting the E-liquids you wish to purchase. Once two E-liquids have been added to the basket the following pop-up will appear. This will give you the option of selecting your third E-liquid which is discounted.


Once you have pressed Select Gift.. if the E-liquid has a variant (in this case nicotine strength), select which one is suitable for you.



Important!! - Once you have selected the nicotine strength click Add to Cart and your bundle will be complete!

If there is NO variant of nicotine, press Select Gift and then click Add to Cart otherwise the item will NOT be added!